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A few months back I decided to install my ancient version of MAME and matching arcade ROMs and play a few of my favorite games. I had not used MAME under windows 10 before and as it turns out, a 15+ year old version of MameUI doesn't work correctly. I downloaded a modern version of Mame and new romsets for my favorite games.

This led me to search for a new GUI to play MAME games. Since MAME was merged with MESS, MameUI is... less than useful. The text based interface built into Mame.exe works well enough, until you clog it up with 900 ROMs and a hundred favorites. There are lots of large, complex and somewhat hard to configure universal front ends, but none of them really met my needs. I wanted something easy to use and simple, but it would seem like no such app currently exists. I just wanted a basic GUI that I could use to play a few classic arcade games on my PC.

I originally created MameFave for my own use. Over time it became the only way I play old arcade games on my PC. I am posting this app online in the hope that some you may find it useful.

MameFave Features

System Requirements

This app requires .NET 4.7.2. It has been tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10. While it should work on Windows 8 and 11, I am unable to test it on those platforms. Note: I highly recommend downloading the optional artwork for classic arcade games. The UI looks pretty darn bland without it!

MameFave App Download

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Optional Arcade Game Artwork

Arcade Artwork Download


Please consider supporting MameFave. You can make a donation through the in app button or by using the donate button below. All donations will be greatly appreciated.

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Support will be handled through the official MameFave reddit: For the time being this is the only support option that I am capable of offering.

Relevant Links:

The MAME Project (download MAME)

Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 Download

Some of My Favorite Classic Arcade Games:



Dig Dug

Mr Do!



Missile Command

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